Bob Dosher

By Jessica Koers

August 16, 2013:

Bob Dosher joined the Marine Corps in 1958 with his two high school friends Bill Mellette and Ed Freeman. Dosher and Mellette shipped off to recruit training together and they are still friends today.

“One thing we both say to each other is that we should have stayed in,” Dosher said.

Dosher excelled at being a Marine. He was the top recruit from his platoon, and was awarded the Leatherneck Award in 1959. The Marine Corps Association & Foundation sponsored the Leatherneck Award. It was given to the recruit with the highest grades and the best physical fitness score.

“The one thing I’ve learned in the Marine Corps is that when I think I’ve gone as far as I can go, I can keep going,” Dosher said.

Dosher left the 53d Rifle Company out of Charleston, S.C., in November 1966. He lost touch with the Marine Corps until four years ago when he walked into a store in Beaufort, S.C., that was selling Leatherneck Magazines.

“I didn’t know the Marine Corps Association & Foundation existed before then,” Dosher said.

Dosher has been a donor since 2011 because he wants other Marines to experience what he did as a young recruit.

“I like to put back a little so people can have the same feeling I did,” Dosher said.

Dosher is proud of his service in the Marine Corps as an infantryman.

“I have a flag that hangs on my front porch,” Dosher said. “It says proud to serve, and that sums it up.”

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