Ingrid Fry

July 17, 2013:

Ingrid Fry had no idea the man she saw signing in at the front desk every day was a retired Marine.

“I didn’t learn about him being a colonel until I helped him move,” Mrs. Fry said.

Mrs. Fry manned the front desk at a retirement community in Roswell, N.M., when William Fry caught her eye.

She asked him if he wouldn’t mind going to the store and picking her up some German food. She gave him $10 to cover expenses.

“He said, ‘Of course, but can I taste them?’” said Mrs. Fry. “I said I’d make him some sandwiches when he got back. He gave me back all the money I had given him.”

Since then the retired Marine colonel and Mrs. Fry were inseparable. They were married in 1994.

“Singing was one of our greatest pleasures … we would sing military and cowboy songs and go for long walks,” Mrs. Fry said. “We just had fun and enjoyed each other.”

After 20 years together, Col William Fry passed away July 2012. He had served during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

“The Marine Corps was very, very important to him,” Mrs. Fry said. “He always said he wanted to be with his troops in heaven.”

Col Fry was a big supporter of the Marine Corps Association & Foundation, and Mrs. Fry continues to donate in her husband’s memory and to show her gratitude to Marines.

“I want them to know we remember them and that we appreciate what they did to keep our country safe,” Mrs. Fry said.

Col William F. Fry, USMC (Ret.) 1919 - 2012