Melissa Trent

By Jessica Koers

August 30, 2013

Melissa Trent is a passionate Marine mom. Her son, Pvt Cory Trent, is an infantryman and is gearing up for a deployment to Afghanistan.

“I’m nervous,” Trent said. “I’ll have to leave it in God’s hands and on his fellow Marines who have his back.”

Trent made her first donation to the Marine Corps Association Foundation on July 25, 2013, in support of her son and his fellow Marines.

“We have these young men fighting for our country, our freedom … I’ll do anything I can do to support them and show them I am here for them,” Trent said.

Cory always had an interest in the Marines. He hung around people who had a military connection. After he talked to the recruiter at his high school nothing could stop him from enlisting.

“I was excited and really nervous, and I knew he really wanted to do it,” Trent said. “I couldn’t keep my kid from his dreams.”

Trent keeps Cory’s platoon graduation book with her at all times; so she always has it handy to tell people about her son. Her car is covered in all things Marine, and she has a collection of 20 Marine mom t-shirts.

“I am over the moon to be a Marine mom because he had to go through hell and back to be called a Marine … I don’t think I could do it,” Trent said.

Trent’s favorite story to tell about Cory’s time at recruit training is about the birthday package she sent him.

“I had called the company to make sure I could send him a gift for his birthday,” Trent said.

She got permission to send her son a gift, but it had to be enough for the whole platoon, which was about 70 recruits. She went to Costco and picked up some Gatorade packs and protein bars, and she also wrote a very simple note wishing Cory a happy birthday.

“Apparently, I wasn’t suppose to include a note,” Trent recalls laughing. “Cory never even got to have a Gatorade or protein bar because I included a note.”

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