Sgt Anthony Cordero

June 14, 2013: Veteran Marine Sgt Anthony Cordero has made countless donations to the Marine Corps Association & Foundation in the last several years, and he has promised to send three more before the end of 2013.

“It’s my way of giving back because the Marine Corps gave me an opportunity,” Sgt Cordero said. “And I wanted to give back to the band of brothers and sisterhood.”

Sgt Cordero came to New York in 1974 from South America. When he told his family and friends he was thinking about joining the Marines, they told him not to. However, he ignored their warnings and enlisted in 1982 when he was 19-years-old.

Sgt Cordero said the Marine Corps gave him an apartment, a car, and taught him a language.

“I always tell my family and friends I learned English in the Marine Corps,” Sgt Cordero said. “The Marine Corps taught me how to write better and understand essays.”

Sgt Cordero served 13 years and earned the rank of Sergeant before being medically discharged in 1994.

Sgt Cordero continues to be a member of the association because it allows him to keep up with the Marine Corps’ traditions and it also gives him updates on what is currently happening in the Corps. He said his favorite publication is Leatherneck.

“It shows the reunions the Marines like to have together, and I always read to find out if someone in my unit is doing a reunion,” Sgt Cordero said.

In 2013, MCA&F provided a library grant to the Headquarters and Service Battalion, Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego in honor of Sgt Cordero’s 2012 contributions. The inscription “through the generosity of Anthony Cordero” was printed in each book.

“When I found out the association had done that, I was so happy I told my sister in Puerto Rico,” Sgt Cordero said. “If I could give more, I would.”