Sgt Roger F. Kropke

Author: Jessica Koers

June 28, 2013: Sgt Roger F. Kropke has been a steadfast donor to the Marine Corps Association & Foundation over the last three years.

“The Marine Corps gave me a lot, and I thought it was time I gave back to them,” Kropke said.

Kropke voluntarily enlisted in the Corps during the Vietnam War and became a tank crewman.

“I knew I was going to get drafted, but I didn’t want to join the Army,” Kropke said. “I wanted to join the Marines; I thought they were a much better branch.”

Kropke said life as a 21-year-old crewman was hot because he basically lived inside a metal container in tropical weather. However, even with the unbearable heat he was glad he served.

“I felt it was a good experience,” Kropke said. “I met a lot of good friends … and we were helping the South Vietnamese remain independent.”

In 1968, Kropke was discharged from the Marines at the grade of Sergeant, but he still carries the lessons and values he learned from the Corps.

“We don’t give for the recognition,” Kropke said. “We give what we can and, hopefully, it helps out a little.”

He stays connected to the Marines through a MCA&F membership and enjoys reading Leatherneck.

Leatherneck is more of an enlisted-man’s magazine, and I feel like I get more out of reading it,” Kropke said.