Won’t Stop, Won’t Quit

Valerie Krygier knows firsthand that perseverance makes for the sweetest of successes.

Krygier first arrived at Officer Candidate School in 2009 but broke her leg in week eight. The following year during her second cycle, she suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury. This past fall was her third and final chance to complete OCS and become a Marine.

As she tried on her dress uniform for the first time at The MARINE Shop the day before OCS graduation, she knew she was right where she was meant to be.

“I just feel right,” Valerie said. “I feel like I’m in the right place and this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I feel like I’m at home.”

Photo caption: Valerie Krygier looks for the
first time at her own sword she will wear
during her commissioning ceremony.

Krygier’s family attended OCS Family Day on Dec. 13 at Marine Corps Base Quantico and watched her be fitted for her uniforms. Valerie commissioned the following day at the National Museum of the Marine Corps just off base.

“You see the colors go on and you’re just very proud of her for the efforts she has put forth,” said her father, Brad Krygier. “It’s a combination that you know her heart is bursting with pride as well. Ultimately now, she can finally say tomorrow she is one of the few, one of the proud, a Marine.”

Valerie is married to a Marine and initially chose The MARINE Shop because his uniforms from the shop had turned out “phenomenal.”

“You can tell they’re made with care and I looked at the work of the other options and I feel the tailoring here is really what sets them apart,” Valerie said. “They’re exceptional at what they do and they fully understand what it means to be a Marine.  The Marine standards of uniforms are higher than other branches, at least in my eyes, and they do a phenomenal job here and that’s why I picked the shop.”

Valerie Krygier gets fitted for her dress uniforms at The MARINE Shop during OCS Family Day before graduation.