Mr. Michael Martz

I have been in the construction, development and management business for the past 32 years. My experience has allowed me to be involved in all phases of each project fcom start to finish. The main focus for many years was commercial interior construction, which evolved into a new phase of construction of building very high end residential homes.

In the past 16 years, I have developed and redeveloped manufactured housing communities. My portfolio currently includes 4 communities that are owned by my companies.

The most current project has been Cottage Gardens Development. This project was taken from raw land to a total turnkey development for homebuyers. This project serves the need for affordable housing for many first time homebuyers, as well as general people looking for quality homes at affordable prices. Our developing has allowed us to create InLine Utilities, which supplies water and sewer services to our developments and adjoining properties.

The Cottage Gardens project was nominated 2 years in a row for the "Best Manufactured Housing Community in the United States.

Cottage Gardens is a 570 lot subdivision built and owned by my company and Sugarbercy Place Phase I is a 400 lot subdivision built by my company and sold to real estate investors. These developments are valued at approximately $84,000,000.00.

Cottage Gardens and Sugarberry Place as well as adjoining properties are serviced with water and sewer utilities by my company Inline Utilities.

At the present time we are purchasing resort property in the Dominican Republic and are exploring and investigating the needs for a Retirement Community and a Christian Camp for children.

These are just a few of the commercial projects that I have been involved in during my career:

Heights Hospital, Bellaire Hospital, Brownsville Medical Center, Williams Trace Retail Center, Kingwood Shopping Center, Pasadena General Hospital, Landmark Chevrolet, Bill Heard Chevrolet, Continental Airlines Training Center, Randall's Retail Centers (Memorial, Shepard Square, Bissonet, Humble), Houston Intercontinental Airport, Cenmry National Bank, Exxon Re.ftnery, Houston Hobby Airport