Commanders' Forum Program

Marines are mentored by those who’ve served before them.

Marines Learn from the Past

From Day One at Boot Camp and Officer Candidates School, Marines embrace their heritage and the study of military history. These lessons continue throughout a Marine’s career and are directly supported by our Commanders Forums Program. This program provides battlefield studies and guest speakers for Marines to grow as tactical decision makers and leaders in war.

Show Marines that YOU care. 

Details for Marines Units

  • The funds help pay for speaking fees, honorariums, battle guide directors and other costs that are non-governmental in nature. 
  • Forums can range from presentations and discussions with noted authors and scholars that will help prepare a unit for a current operation to a classical battle study.
  • Participants in the battle studies may walk the ground with experts in order to better understand the history and lessons learned from these famous battles and campaigns.

Questions? Call our Programs Coordinator at (703) 640-0144.