Wounded Marine Support

Marines never fight alone

Marines Take Care of Their Own

This pledge is time-honored and true.

We uphold that pledge when called upon by the wounded Marines, by family members of Marines, by the Commandantif a mission-related request comes our way, we do everything we can to make it happen. It is what Marines do.

MCAF’s Wounded Marine Program ensures that our injured still feel like Marines. We help them maintain their connection to the Corps during their recovery process by providing them with the same professional development opportunities that other Marines units receive.

Just a few examples:

  • We’ve given iPods loaded with books from the Commandant’s Reading List since the wounded Marines can’t always hold physical books or a Kindle.
  • We also cover extra transportation and hotel expenses for injured Marines; so they could still conduct battle studies at places like Gettysburg and Belleau Wood.

Details for Marines Units

If you or a fellow wounded Marine needs assistance, call our Program Coordinator at (703) 640-0144. We’d love to help you!

Read More About the Success of the Program

Please call our Programs Coordinator at (703) 640-0144.