Ways of Giving

We appreciate your inquiry about how you can help support the Marine Corps Association Foundation (MCAF). There are several ways you can donate:

Direct Contribution
You can make a contribution by responding to a MCAF direct mail or phone campaign, donating online, in one of our stores, or by sending in a payment or calling us. We accept checks, money orders, and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Combined Federal Campaign
MCAF is now a part of the Combined Federal Campaign. If you participate in this program and would like to support MCAF's programs for Marines, please designate your contribution to our CFC charity #19821.

Make A Reunion Class Gift
Get your classmates to put together a class gift for MCAF. Some classes have conducted auctions and donated the proceeds, while others have directly taken up a collection to donate to MCAF. Call LeeAnn Mitchell at 703-640-0169 for more information on how your class can give back. For example, MCAF has spent more than $22,000 on TBS this year, so any amount can help us with these expenses!

TBS Reunion Class 7/28

Employer Match
If your company offers a matching gifts program, you can double or even triple your donation to MCAF. Click here to see if your company offers Matching Gifts and how to request them from your company if they do have a matching gifts program. Or you can call us at 877-4MY-MCAF.

Donate Your Air Miles
Do you have more air miles than you have time to use them? Then donate them to MCAF so we can use them for trips to bring spouses and family members of the award namesakes to our Awards Banquets. It's a great way to help out and we will provide you with a thank you letter for your donation stating their value for your tax filing purposes.

Order Personalized Mailing Labels
Donate $10 and order a sheet of 88 personalized Marine Corps mailing labels. Please call 877-469-6223 to place the order.

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds and Other Securities
MCAF welcomes the gift of stocks, bonds, and other securities. Please consult your financial planner or tax preparer for more details on how the donation of these gifts can provide you with tax deductions.

Transferring Securities to the Foundation
1. Please inform the Development Office of your plans to make a gift at 703-640-0169 or 877-469-6223 or by email to:  mcaf@mca-marines.org.

2. Have your broker/agent transfer the securities to:

Firm:  JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
DTC# 902
FFC to Account Number - P72500
For Account Number - PBD#W2489500
For Account Name:  Marine Corps Association Foundation

3. Please avoid opening an account with your agent under the Foundation's name without prior conversation with our Development Office.

Estate Planning
MCAF also offers the opportunity for individuals to make a Planned Gift. Whether providing for our Marine programs through your will, through an annuity, life insurance, retirement account or a trust.

Memorial Gifts
If you would like to make a gift in memory of a loved one or a friend, you may send your check to MCAF at:

MCAF Memorial Gift
PO Box 1775
Quantico, VA 22134

Or call 877-469-6223 to make a donation by credit card.

Please provide us with a note listing your name and the name of the Marine for whom your gift is honoring.  If you would like us to send a sympathy card and note regarding your memorial gift to the Marine’s family, please provide us with their name, address and relationship to the Marine.

MCAF can now be the recipient of donations through your sales on eBay!
That's right! When you list an item on eBay, you can elect to have 10-100% of the sale price of that item donated directly to MCAF through eBay Giving Works. Just go to this link on eBay: http://www.ebaygivingworks.com/sell.html and click on " Find your favorite nonprofit in our directory " and then type Marine Corps Association Foundation. Then follow the rest of the instructions for selling items through eBay Giving Works program.

And what's extra great, is that you'll receive a fee credit when your item sells. When your listing sells, we'll credit back your Insertion and Final Value Fees by the same percentage you pledged. Giving 50% of your item's final sale price? You'll get back 50% of your fees. Giving 100%? You get full credit on these fees.

Now is a great time to clean out your garage and closets, sell the items on eBay Giving Works, and earn some tax deductions on your income tax!

Additional Information for Your Support and Planning Needs

For gift purposes, MCAF's official name, address and EIN numbers are:

Foundation's Official Name: Marine Corps Association Foundation
Address: PO Box 1775, 715 Broadway Street, Quantico, VA 22134
Phone: 1-877-4MY-MCAF (1-877-469-6223) or 703-640-0169
EIN # 80-0340923
Email address: mcaf@mca-marines.org

A copy of our IRS determination letter can be downloaded here

For other inquiries, please call us toll-free at 1-877-4MY-MCAF (1-877-469-6223) or at 703-640-0169.