Wounded Marine Funding


Our work with the Wounded Warrior Regiment supports “Survive to Thrive” Marines in keeping them thinking like Marines — instead of sinking into the doldrums of just being a patient — during their rehabilitation. Through these efforts, individuals are more likely to return faster to where they want to be — serving again in regular Corps assignments and advancing their careers.

An example of this support is the recently initiated battlefield visitation program. A Gettysburg battlefield trip for more than 25 Marines convalescing at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Camp LeJeune and Portsmouth Naval Hospital provided educational experiences that stretched them mentally and physically while furthering their Professional Military Education.

The MCA&F is the only organization providing this type of enrichment effort to Marines on active service. The MCA&F is also the only organization working to provide libraries of professional books on iPods and Kindles. These help Marines with impaired or lost vision and those confined to wheelchairs. Finally, distribution of Leatherneck and Marine Corps Gazette and tickets to MCA&F events are made possible for convalescing Marines through your contributions.

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On June 8th and 9th 2011, the MCA&F facilitated and funded a staff ride to Gettysburg by Marines of the Wounded Warrior Regiment.  The professional education event was especially meaningful as they could directly relate to soldiers grievously wounded in combat and how many of them went on to singular accomplishments in spite of their wounds.

LeeAnn Mitchell of MCAF handing over laptops donated by Panasonic to Lisa Rotte of the Wounded Warrior Regiment MEDCELL for distribution to Wounded Marines to use with brain train exercises and for education.

MCA&F donated auction items and a panasonic lap top to Cpl Justin McLoud.

Check out our Flickr account for pictures from the Gettysburg Battlefield Study with the Wounded Warrior Regiment